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A Community of Strangers: Poems by Abayomi Ogunniyi

Image: dallscar1 via Flickr
Image: dallscar1 via Flickr


I am sent to serve in this                         land of stumps, trees and
forest surrounded by the                         broken walls of mud
The day ponders its silence                    yet scared of its death in the
midst of their feet.                                   The night fears the gloomy tone
that disrupts the movement of              beings across the street.

Walking across your soil,                       a wanderer, tourist of no
resort,                                                         leaving my comfort to sleep
beneath your shade uncovered.

A rage of Babylonian rot,                        lost and bewildered in the
atmosphere of lust,                                  an identity of loss beneath
the face of missing values,                      erupted by the twirls of

I will leave one day,                                  learning from this identity
of dismay,                                                   that i no longer fall for the
reality that i will drown                           in the bay of confusion.



In the shadows of the script,
i act to the drama of what i
am for who i am not.

Crying in the intensity of
the sun, running in the
shadow of the moon in
a resting place for
trouble in the city
of my mind.

ruling under the
affair of a volatile
world of indecision.
To the drowning sea
of misfortune on the
path of the
invincible pain of
no location.

the bearing of pain
lost in the foot of
buried in your
journey of struggles,
crushed in the particles
of your ignorance,
opening the blind vision
to gray burnt colour of
defeat in your spectacles
of shadows.


I’m painted black right
before them
in their eyes they twist
the brush of destiny,
to their color of
A slave for their personality
to the taste of their mind the
bitter tongue of confusion
pulling their hook to their

captivating the positive mind
in their poison in the negative
map of their soul.

Traced for destruction, the
joy of their minds is your
it is their will not to
escape from realms
of their mind.

look inside their eyes,
tear off their script and
look to a blissful peace
of drama.



Night, beauty beneath the                                          elusive shade of the moon,
drawn by the wandering                                             shadow of your unseen
garment beneath the cloud.

Night, though coiled beneath the                             lust of desire in the art
beneath the skin,                                                         dreams are open to the page
of your silence beneath the                                        comfort of your mind
without sin.

Night, the beauty of the sun                                       yet unborn in the cloud of
mysteries. the                                                                cold voice at dusk in the
tone of winds across the                                              sphere of sanity.

Night, i woke up to the dew of                                   your consciousness in the
morning,                                                                         struggling for the bliss of your
comfort without drowning.


Poems: Abayomi Ogunniyi
Image: dallscar1 via Flickr

Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi says of his poetry: “My love for poetry is very strong, whereby i consider it a page of my life. I am aspiring to create positive values as a poet to my world.” He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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