Good Morning, Global Village: Poetry by Wesley Macheso

Global Village

Good Morning, Global Village

I sit alone in my confined closet
The world at my fingertips,
Fingering the sensual studs that allure me
To this Black Berry;
Browsing the bloated British bulletin,
“Oh! Did you hear?
The prince of England is getting married.
Obama care is now a law.
Thousands have died off the coast of Lampedusa.”
But who gloats in that sumptuous villa
Across the quarantined street?
Another zombified recluse?

I devote the sleeping nights to reading.
I waste my recreational days alone;
Listening, watching, facebooking, tweeting,
Laughing with other global citizens on this unreal interface.
Sunsets are for walks in the woods.
The weekends are casual;
A hood for the head and some hi-fi headphones
Probably shopping at the mall.
(Riffling through the shelves for fat-free yoghurt
I bet you are cognizant of obesity)
Are those uncultured till operators discussing books?
What do they know about “being and nothingness”?

The evenings are the most private;
7 pm: “It’s BBC Focus on Africa with Akwasi Sarpong.”
But I yearn to experience the violence of Benghazi.
My soul hankers for the unreal city,
The metallic grins and sterility of London.
My civilized mind aches for belonging.
And yet when I wake up tomorrow
In my solitary confinement,
I will yawn a smile and update my status:
“Good Morning, Global Village!”
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(c) Wesley Macheso

Written by
Wesley Macheso

Wesley Macheso is a Malawian writer currently teaching Creative Writing and Literature at Mzuzu University. He is a columnist with The Daily Times, hosting a weekly column under the title “The Write Stuff”. His short story “This Land is Mine” is published in Water: New Short Fiction from Africa (2016). His children’s book, Akuzike and the Gods, won the 2014/ 2015 Peer Gynt Literary Award. He is an alumnus of the African Writers’ Trust 4th Editorial and Publishing Training Workshop. Some of his work can be read on The Kalahari Review, Brittle Paper, Storymoja Africa, and Twitter handle: @Wesleymax89

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Written by Wesley Macheso


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