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‘With no Picture but you: Poems by Wazani Adamu Ijarafu

Image: Robbert van der Steeg via Flickr (modified)


You’re the canvas upon which God
Paints his masterpiece
Breathing and breathing you into life

You’re a living soul that speaks.
Your voice, a missing note
to the music which I sing

When distance crosses our path
You’re the morning song I sing
Striking you on the guitar
to the silence of my soul

When the song is fading
My heart is a gallery I go to
everyday just to look at you
For you’re nature’s beauty which I behold
You’re nature’s beauty I speak of

When your picture is broken in my heart
Every part of me becomes broken
My blood pulsates to the rhythm
the tiny fragments of your picture make
Melting and melting into me
Now I become alive

With no guitar
With no song
With no gallery
With no picture but YOU


(For – Maryam Gatawa)

Stars are the poems of love
Written in the midnight universe
They appear in the night sky
Showing us that beauty can be found
Even in the darkest of nights

Smiles are the poems of love
Written upon tired faces
They are seen in moments of joy and laughter
Telling us that beauty can be found
Even amidst a thousand sorrows

You’re The Star shining bright
Deep into the sky of my laughter
You’re The Star, the smile, my poem of love


(For Farida Adamu)

The rain kneels to pray
Touching us in droplets

We’re earthly flowers in bloom
Raised before the great sky

Today we happen between two lovers
Who broke free in the days of yesterday

Touch of beauty
Touch us with the feathery butterfly

Ocean of beauty
Kiss us with sunset crashing on waves

Flow of peace
Wash us into the tranquil sky

Let our emptiness lead us to God
As the rain kneels to pray

Like every heart
We desire happiness
We desire peace
Love and laughter
For we’re earthly flowers in bloom
Poems © Wazani Adamu Ijarafu
Image: Robbert van der Steeg via Flickr (modified)

Wazani Adamu Ijarafu
Wazani Adamu Ijarafu
Wazani Adamu Ijarafu hopes to one day buy a mountain where people would not think gold was discovered. He wants to build a folk music Island for himself and to one day own a coffee cup. By night he's a Poet, by day he's a Poet. Math is but a borrowed course, he plans to return it to the owners.

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