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It Begins like a Drop of Water: Poetry by Adeola Ikuomola

Photo by Trung Pham Quoc on Unsplash


The cloud’s complex coughs
Sadly compels the sun’s exit
Like shadow bowing to light
Borne by the weakest sparks

It begins like a drop of water
With no stream lines to utter
It begins like the eyes far old
And future too dull to behold

The waves as brave warriors
Gallop in the warring mirrors
The rains sound like tin kegs
As shine broadens black legs

Suddenly there is a new page
Peace as in consuming stage
War abandons the spicy skies
For truths to swallow in styles

The sun hawks coal-born fires
Like lightning in brazen gyres
As the retreat-bearing pursuits
Right rays dine with wine fruits



Wild convoy of sophisticated weapons
White clouds in the bloodiest uniforms
At transition from peace to emergency
For the candlelight borne by whirlwind
Solid skyscrapers drown in darkness

The storm-sized clouds in fluid warfare
In their occupationally expressed anger
Transplant terrorism in the distant skies
As wings floating in the migrant season
To alter the love altars man fails to utter

Conflicting drums in the thunder-clouds
Multi-layered voices as in fleeing wagons
Deadly dancers doff our doomed squares
Like the wild and weird ires running wide
To test-run the rumbling ruins of movers

Souls severed from synoptic sanctuaries
Spew the dragon-lagoon across our way
Like darkness executed on the night pole
To feature our lineage in the black clouds
Upon still-births and maternal mortalities



The ground groans
The seashore sighs
Tiny truth triumphs
Our penpal prevails

Bully breeze bleeds
Wounded wall wails
Shepherdesses sew
Our penpal prevails

Darkness deworms
Sorrowful sand sits
Centrespread sings
Our penpal prevails

Doom drowns deep
Vile vultures vanish
Elite eagles emerge
Our penpal prevails



His heart is mutilated as by thorns
Like the sky-seeking house-board
The star seated in the moonlighter
Wakes the Knight to rake the night

The brilliant star as the super scar
As the deepest breath sews death
Even breaking news breaks hearts
Like thunderbolts in the hardware

The more murmuring monuments
And breathing like broken accents
The more the genetic plagues pair
The heartbeats of their fellowships

The robotically robust overweights
Fix all deceptions in the receptions
Life we ink like the downturned ark
As the rainbow in the gloomy skies

Ballot papers spew the hot peppers
Like the sea sneezing on the waves
The foxes grace blood executioners
Our future on the high-tension wires

Dragons dragging dominant dogma
Down a deadweight tyrant’s domain
Like the wind sweeping the dark sky
Whispering into soul’s deaf earports
Poems (c) Adeola Ikuomola
Photo by Trung Pham Quoc on Unsplash

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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