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It’s Not Tears for Men: Poems by Abukutsa Moses


Men don’t cry surrogate tears
Like when my father cried
When his father died
And my brothers cried when father died
Men cry their souls
Which manhood can hold no more
Men cry the future which grief blinds
Like when my father cried when his father died
And my brothers cried when father died
Men cry the pain of their mothers and the punctured spirits of their sisters
Men cry tears with eyes that peer at hypocrisy
Tears that weigh with the salt of their nakedness
The nakedness of stripped manhood
Men cry the past frozen in death
Men cry to mock death
Men do not cry to feel hope
To chase grief and escape
Men cry to be men


The morning sneaks in
The night goes to sleep
The night has watched over
The birth of morning
Morning, grow and blow a million dreams
Thank you, night, for being all
A mother, a midwife and a father
Poems © Abukutsa Moses
Image: remixed

Abukutsa Moses
Abukutsa Moses
Abukutsa Moses teaches English and Literature. He is a student of life, a perennial optimist and an intractable dreamer. Abukutsa was shortlisted in the 2017 Nalif Literary contest in Kenya for his short story ‘Abraham’s cremation’. He has also published a poem with Praxis online magazine for the arts and a short story with Kikwetu literary magazine. Of all troubles, he enjoys the trouble of reading and writing the most.


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