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Fumes and Flares: Poems by Uche Peter Umez


after all the seismic emotions
ruptured geophysics
my land remains a collage
of rusted pipes
collapsed rigs
stunted undergrowth
withered earth
and mushroomed waste…



for demolition of the iroko
erection of  a crisscross of pipes in the backyards

the Corporation built a modern market
some classroom blocks

set up a public tap
paved a major asphalt road

and the remnants
from the satchel of its charity

shared among the puzzled fathers
the listless mothers, the restless sons.


Fumes and Flares

they say Lagos is crowded
on industrial fumes

what if they can see
the flares smothering the air
in my land
oiling the Corporation.


(c) Uche Peter Umez

Uche Peter Umez
Uche Peter Umez
Uche Peter Umez has won awards in poetry, short story and children novel writing. He is the author of 'Dark through the Delta' (poems), 'Tears in her Eyes' (short stories) and 'Aridity of Feelings' (poems).


  1. Since I read a short story, SMOLDERED, by Uche Peter Umez that won him the Commonwealth writing competition, I rated him one of the best aspiring writers. His poems here are terse, well crafted and depict the nature in Nigeria – for those who are oblivious! Good work, Nwanna!

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