An Allegory of Henry Tanner’s Thankful Poor

An Allegory of Henry Tanner’s Thankful Poor

The Thankful Poor by Henry Ossawa Tanner (1894)

Angels and saints do appear to us in disguise
How many opportunities have we missed?
To serve, care, protect and defend the weak?

A story is told of a man and his son
Silver and gold had they none
But this they had within: the love of God
And this they had without: gratitude
Added together these qualities have made
A difference in their solitary lives

For these poor folks
In spite of all their labor
They were despised by their so called “neighbors”
For as much as they felt forsaken and lonely
They were lifted up by the king of glory!

(c) Isaac Ewuoso




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Isaac Ewuoso

Isaac Ewuoso writes from Chicago, Illinois.

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