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Moon O’er Cross River: Poems by Alexander Orok

Nigeria’s Oppression

Through a side-wind you shall sense them,
in a splash of unguarded moonlight,
chance scrape of a chair on the floor;
down small, unfrequented alleys.

They unclamp the fingers of midnight
for their foul advocacy.

They would never hear you
but beat with your hands on air.

You may race for home and sanctuary
they are there;
wipe your hands on towel,
wounds are staunched, not cured;
No more warmth in the ashes
But cold must be endured

Where are thou leaders
O! Nation of patriots

What has thou to boast of?


Moon O’er Cross River

Moon over Cross River takes me back to you
and precious memories
Are forever new
how we walked along the Millennium Park
shared the nectar of a peach
with our lips just out of reach

we had it all
the breeze was warm
you own me and I had you!
The World was ours without a care

Cross River seems like yesterday
but it was years and far away
when you were young and I was too
Cross River brings sweet thoughts of you!


Two Souls Collide

Two souls collide
by chance, not choice
The heart flutters at mere sight.

This connection
with a stranger
indescribable, Unimaginable.

This feeling
overwhelms, pulling and pushing
Your thoughts in directions untold.

For magic of this moment
erases deepest scars
lifts your spirit

The Ultimate peak
when souls collide


Nigerian-Aso Rock

Light a candle on top of Aso Rock which will shine beyond our borders,

Giving hope where there is despair,

Love where there is hate,

And dignity where before there was only humiliation.


Message From Aso Rock

I would like to write a poem,
And place it gently on Aso Rock…
Beside the flag, left all alone,
Atop that crest of shadowed dune

There it would stand, without a blemish
Not a fold, or wrinkled edge
And it would leave a simple message
Of deepest love, I’d wish to pledge

Its calm would overlook Nigeria’s toil,
But never change its pleasant smile…
Upon that face, within its soil,
That we have viewed from many miles

And for whoever cares to read,
It would become their welcome home…
To say, “Hello, come rest in peace,
Your heart will never be alone”


Poems (c) Alexander Orok

Alexander Orok
Alexander Orok
Born in Calabar, Cross Rivers State of Nigeria, Orok is the CEO of Xecutive Poets International, a non-governmental organisation in Nigeria.


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