Femi Ayo-Tubosun: Break Out!

Image by MR1313 on Pixabay


Lukewarm days on a binge.
Work drags
like one corner of stale meat
jostled and abandoned
by common rats.
Prayers are gathering
and rotting away
in the closed quarters
of wasted hours.
From shuffling shadows
to a pink stained sunrise,
the sober nights
are clogged
with uncertainty.



There’s something poetic
about waiting.

Like hushed things
perched in the cloak of night,
waiting for revelation.

Like you,
waiting for light to attend the voices
that only sacred spaces have heard.

You carry a prophecy
in your chest.
‘I suffered for you!’
is what mother says
when you forget
that you’re supposed to be god.

At your feet, there are ashes.
Years that you lit & tossed away
because they were not good enough.

To grow-

You bury yourself in the graveyard
of unpleasant things.
You wait.
You converse with corpses.

You stuff your bags with silence.

And most of the time, you’re walking,
all the rubbish in tow.

Walking to a place
where they say the people are quiet,
holding their breaths,
eager for all the stories
that have brought you here.
Poetry © Femi Ayo-Tubosun
Image by MR1313 on Pixabay

About the author

Femi Ayo-Tubosun

Femi Ayo-Tubosun is a Nigerian writer and poet. He is on a journey to write as well as he possibly can. When bored, he takes long furtive walks and listens to folk songs.

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