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February 13: A Poem by Austyn Njoku


You killed the dream
My dreamy muse
And reality now stares
Naked like the bust
Of Venus; I wanted
This dream! And not
The reality of your insecurity!
Fading favour discoloured
With lusterless robustness
I prefer you in my dream
The dream I’ve hugged
For seasons with my soul
You now shatter with a sneer
Indifference selfish and cold
Like a rejected meal at dawn!
Was I really in your dreams?
Why would you scatter mine
Despite these years of doting
Even upon your unfulfilled promises?
Come back into my dream
Your reality hurts my predilection!
(c) Austyn Njoku

Austyn Njoku
Austyn Njoku
Austyn Njoku studied French Language and Literature at the University of Port Harcourt. A poet and short story writer, Njoku's poems have been published in recent anthologies like Passport to the New World (edited by Sunny Ayewanu in collaboration with The Nigerian Commission for UNESCO) and the International Library of Poetry anthologies. More of his poems have been published in Nigerian national newspapers and magazines and put to Baroque music in THE SOUND OF POETRY. His first collection, I've Been A Crew, got an Honourable Mention in the Cadbury Association of Nigeria Authors (ANA) Poetry Competition. Scents of Dawn is his second. The former Treasurer of ANA, Lagos chapter, is sadly now deceased.

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