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Emmanuel Akin-Ademola: Dear Diary

Dear diary

my head is bloody & unbowed—
a resilient, wanted criminal holding

a glass while trudging through the
highway of storming vehicles. I am starting

to see my body as a lamb bred for execution or
a glassed cased specimen for experimental

biology. there’s an after effect when the sun
has leftovers on my skin and I am left to burn

all through this night— rubbing my body and hitting the barren air towards my pores.

the crow comes on the tree below & alights
because it still finds me alive— he’s waiting to own

My house of infested woods. How sad is it again
That the vultures do pick their bills for my body.

i don’t want to be tagged as part of a wasting
generation who delight in obscure darkness

& ignorance, rotting deep into fragile skulls.
For I grew in this place of a shrapneled sky & dusty

Clouds. Into the eyes of September, I read out myself open like a window.


a prisoner gets to mirror his face by
the barpoles that confine him to this cave
without rain & hear all he hears

all he hears are diminuendos of an arriving thunder & broken rays
through this grotto’s holes.
it’s obvious he’s thirsty & opens his mouth to the wind—

his throat needs a thousand baptisms. he prays these poles get
blown & the stones wouldn’t break his bones; so he could find

another light if there is. i wake up every day to
hold my drought-blotched face with dust & cry to gather

wisps to make a bed without slumbers. perhaps,
life is not a home for everyone & we would keep

running until we lose the enervated blood in our
Legs. this history of so much of grief or agonies had

made us cynics to the world of the living— man cannot live
well because these laws will lasso the sun & drag it
down on his head.

for this history is a dirty fabric & made up of thorny laws
that need cleansing, this earth needs cleansing.

Poems (c) Emmanuel Akin-Ademola
Image by createelement from Pixabay

Emmanuel Akin-Ademola
Emmanuel Akin-Ademola
Akin-Ademola Emmanuel is a Nigeria-born writer and a student activist. An undergraduate of mass communication Adekunle Ajasin University Nigeria. He's one of the runners-up for Pandemic university scholarship competition (2020). His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Kalahari Review, Nantygreens, PAROUSIA, Edutorial, Activemuse, Silent sound, communicatorsleague, Neonmariposa, and elsewhere. He uses poetry as a hand tool to stir souls towards critical issues. Instagram handle: apostle_of_words_

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