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ggayisi: Another Place

Another Place

I write from another world,

where eyes bleed like watermelons

and voices are hoarse with the noise

of wriggling grubs;

where people tiptoe on the dead eye

of the earth to prise open locked doors

only to live in keyholes,

for the next room is an abyss

of twists and turns.


I write from another world,

in the green unquiet of an aged house,

where spirogyra and moss paint its walls

with shadows;

where we dream wide awake and

somnolent soles sleepwalk.


I write from another place,

a place of surreal reality,

where death is a lullaby spewing from

a broken bamboo reed;

where we kill ourselves with the love dream

and get sold in the flea market of silence.


Poem: ggayisi

Image: Julius Drost on Unsplash

Gordon Gullanyi Ayisi (ggayisi) is a Ghanaian medical student, studying General Medicine in Rostov State Medical University, Russia. Gordon has been in love with words, books and everything writerly since childhood. He hopes to bring hope to the world, and to help people grapple with the human condition through his work.

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