Effervescence: Poems by Atuhairwe Agrace Mugizi

Image: Isaac Araguim via Flickr

Image: Isaac Araguim via Flickr


They were not allowed to speak
in their mothers’ wombs; and
the syringes boiled their genes.
They hoarded instincts,
Pressed bloodlines

So crude

that they relieved past prime:
begot other brood and liberally
offered the etiquette- resilience,
serenity in the land of their people where
colour mattered least and

merit hallowed their unions, in purity, on The Continent.



You will speak of troubled words, enter
the Corridors of the Learned but
your body belongs to me,
your Man-
the only reason your
papers will endure my reigns; and

when your honour meets my desires, you will
bow lesser, cringe a little because you ought to.

When you query this, one bit,
like a pea in a pod,
like a puppy on a bone,
like a corpse in a grave- you will
surely fail. Unless,

you tang the hood of honour
as you must, being woman, unfettered.


Poems © Atuhairwe Agrace Mugizi
Image: Isaac Araguim via Flickr (cropped)

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