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Dews of the Morning: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola



The crowned soft dews of the morning
Eye witnesses of the broody mysteries
Export your cold nightmares’ carriages
To the blazing babies in the flowerbeds

Seal your temple with petals and pollen
And faith-crack darkness’ secretive oath
In humming bees and floating butterflies
And sentence mortals to terms of labour

Dense metaphorical dews of the morning
Our avowed lyrically poetic genetic allies
Your garments of serenity mow the lawn
Hanging the bleak funerary for night urn

Dull descendants of the deferred darkness
The infant child of the conquered nightfall
Melting like weak wax before sick sunrays
Will builders stay you with palatial arcade?



The supreme figures have come
Under the balconies of the night
Their terrific heartbeats subdue
The giant governor of the storm

To their supremacy we commit
Under the intimidating shadow
Captained by their giant frames
Like birds in the thunderstorms

All our grains in their intestines
And general blood in their veins
Their conjuring fanfares remain
Like recycling mother elephants

The supreme liquids have come
In the wagons of the black night
Their pregnant balloons deliver
Like giant manager of the storm



I have nothing more to dread
But fresh brown butter for bread
I am the lonesome child on the reed
With the oceans opened for me to read

I have nothing more to draw
But my knees on the craggy floor
I am the lonesome child left to crawl
With the music of love and care all but flaw

I call the skies for my baked cake
But the clouds offer me a broken rake
I am the lonesome love-child lovers hate
With the moonlight smiles and kisses so fake

I touch darkness night and day
For a flickering light no silver to pay
The Lamb of God trudges my lonely way
Upon his worthy breasts my aching head I lay



Showcasing their injuries
Black clouds bleed on juries
Exhibiting their broken bowels
Rains squeeze all their soaked towels

Showcasing their liquidities
Men anchor on hellish iniquities
Demonstrating their embattled clays
Raw missiles premiere cat and dog plays

Showcasing their reigns
Majesties unrevoked the rains
Celebrating their dawns newly torn
Born poets kiss the word world ton by turn



Like the stone
Much like the stone
Like the lonely infant stone
Adopted by the cold and hostile water

Here is the stone
The same old stone
The perishing infant stone
Nursed by the bitter and hash river

That is the stone
The unfortunate stone
The dead and forsaken stone
Renounced and denounced by the Dead Sea

Poems: Adeola Ikuomola

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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