December in Johannesburg: Poetry & Watercolours by Amitabh Mitra

December in Johannesburg

december in johannesburg
brought the heat wave
so familiar
to an anger torn again in
a brittle feeling of windswept leaves
high pitched laughter in
soweto shebeens and lilywhite
close corporate parties before a final
predictable violence of words
dying of maimed wounds in a brisk
afternoon of illegitimate reason.
another heat wave back home in gwalior
had cracked the north end fort wall
assaulting repeatedly the loneliness of
an earthy immortality
and sudden moments of madness that had once grappled
to stay in the shade of
your eye.

©  Amitabh Mitra 2007



December in Johannesburg

December in Johannesburg – by Amitabh Mitra





Soweto – by Amitabh Mitra














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