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Days and More: Three Poems by Gbenga Adesina


There will always be a mile more
I will want to go inside of me
You will be there and I will be here
And in that space between us and the us we could be,
I will be somewhere inside, summing time up
In few sentences of a smile
The smile might be thin, our skies might be shorn
Eyes may chase a thousand and find in us only a tiny dross
In the harvest of colours
But there will be one, dear Mary, or perhaps two, perhaps three in the
tidings of time that will yet hear this call, they will merge with mornings and lead the world
by hand into this miracle of songs that you are,
The world will lurch, drape our diaries with
the gloss of songs and
it will be in between those lines that we will dance, dear Mary, hands clasped
around stories of promise, lilts in the hearts of songs,
waltzing , singing: One trance, one sigh, these moments that row and row and merge the
hearts with the promise of new days.



We settled into the warmth only
Only those shadows could give, broke
Sunbeams into three
One for you and I, two for every single knoll I
Crossed on this river of rediscovering you
We flecked shadows on the walls, watched
Our touches sizzle, felt them crawl into spaces humid as
The heart
And like those years before the year we wrote the epitaph
on us, I held you in my arms
your eyes: the tense in every present




Firstlights of dawn. I let the dead bury its dust.
Mirrors of selves that once were, orbs, dark silences,
I stare down the devils of rivers-past. This Golgotha
beckons only one savior now. This one. Just one.


Modus alternatives lay
whimpering on shrouded clods,
I march on


This one. Just one.


© Gbenga Adesina

Gbenga Adesina
Gbenga Adesina
Gbenga Adesina, a poet, bioremediation scientist, essayist and collector of fiction in several languages, is very much interested in the resurgence of artistry and intermediation of knowledge currently sweeping across Africa. He is interested in the modern, difficult to define African narratives of his generation and the obscure narratives in indigenous African languages and how inter-textual relationships and digital adaptations might help take these new offerings to the world.


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