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how to babysit a god: Poems by muna chinedu

how to babysit a god

you find your god in a strip club
slapping libation with notes on nude bodies
you pierce everyone’s breath with bullets
for luring him to the center tree in eden

gangsters are throwing stones at your god
for stealing their snow coke
he mewls about it through a payphone
so no one will know he’s got potholes on his omnipotence
everywhere becomes chilly
hate builds your head into a hearth to warm him
you force bombs down the mouths of your neighbors’ homes

your god puffs cigar while you’re praying
smoke chokes the prayers on your lips
chokes your kid at birth
you write ‘no cigar’ on your door with his blood
belief is hunger it never asks for less
no god survives without worship
your god’s still thirsty, says his cup’s empty
you slash your knife deep the throat of cuba

a man says
let’s be more humane than religious
your god whines into your ears
like a whupped kid to his mama
you run after the man fists clenched
he punches death into your lungs
you fall into your god’s jest
he buries you in his wine
and gets himself a new sitter


when a tongue is deflowered

i was a girl
with a virgin tongue
you liked me as your all
i was a girl with hymen on my lips
i could not speak i only nodded
you weaved me into your tool
your doll your whore

my grief was the gas in a bottle of coke
it grew like virus
tearing me layer by layer with fever

this morning i pulled off the hymen
the gas pushed open the bottle
and deflowered my tongue
you saw the blood of questions from it
the gas choked you you got dazed
you gathered your things and left

Poems © Muna Chinedu
Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

Muna Chinedu
Muna Chinedu
muna chinedu is tough and tender. he writes from Enugu, Nigeria. you can connect with him on instagram @munakraftmuse

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