Bonding: A Poem by Isidore Emeka Uzoatu


(To Ibadan)

Dugbe the market
Articulate your quantitatives

Clark’s five-line poem
Chart your perspectives

The Wild West syndrome
Colour your invectives

A garrison-style democracy
Resonate your pejoratives

Stadia Liberty and Adamasingba
Resound your expletives

The cocoa house
Denote your prerogatives

A chain of ring roads
Accentuate your decoratives

Town-centre gridlocks
Underscore your derivatives

The wetie inferno
Streamline your purgatives

A foremost citadel of learning
Underscore your qualitatives

Its teaching hospital
Apprising your curatives

An unmarked grave
Apotheosize your imperatives

A recidivist pilgrimage
Behold your putatives…

– (c) Isidore Emeka Uzoatu

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  • The choice of words came between me and the poem, and I could not break through your wall. Perhaps, it’s one of your poetic experimentations. I will read your other entries

    • Sorry I saw this late. Each couplet in the poem is about a landmark about Ibadan viz.: Dugbe market, J P Clark’s poem, politics, stadia, cocoa house, etc.

      The last two concern my daughter who died at UCH and lies in an unmarked grave in the town. I believe it makes me a putative citizen of the town.

      Hope it helps you appreciate it some.