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Silence: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola



Silence has lost his maternal light weight
Soaring low in his paternal dead weight
Upon the vanities of the elites it waits
Like the black corpses for dark dates

Sentenced to the muddy back pages
Like the swine celebrating the miry ages
The roaring silence vacate the front stage
For the venomous vanity’s winged rampage

Silence has espoused his head to a bed rest
Like the body at the mother earth’s breast
With surfers soaring on the waves’ crest
The silence broken is the world’s best

Silence is a notable excruciating pain
Laced on a burdensome fraternal sprain
Peace is bleeding over her muscular strain
Discharged from the swiftest aerial campaign



The pure ancient city of bread is no more
Our acts seek shelter in a mourning moor
Underneath dew our light rays take cover
As the bloody pages for death pang hover

With dark echoes of a massive fire power
Thunder stands abreast the human tower
With the breast basket espoused to flood
To spoon-feed the babies with foul blood

To their rightful rats we are common rites
In their aerial flight we are feathery wings
In their greenery we showcase grassy rats
In their robust cultures we have no swings

Our pupils peep through our end weeping
Like the burst bladders of pregnant clouds
Our youthful rainbow bows down peeping
Sighing painfully in our desecrated crowds



Famished tears in our beards
Burrow deep into our genetics
Like ghosts crowned for the night
To showcase the validity of nightmares

The dirges for a famine festival
Screaming with a mourners’ carol
Livewires are like the blazing basins
Electrifying the turbulent tournament

Our fanatical veins vanished
The chorus of silence prevailed
To dine with the awful din of life
From the handbags of the body bags

As a joyful visitor to the sad sky
The rainbow is a placatory placard
With seven hydro-placating packages
To smoothen the clouds’ neighing nerves



The flowers embedded in eternal glow
Dealt vanity a visually colourful blow
And the clouds descending low
Like the pregnant snow

All the birds’ castles were caught gazing
And the happy herd of cattle grazing
On the trays the sun’s rays blazing
Like gold the world laid brazen

Brown birds, bees and butterflies boom
Pollens they swept with a new broom
Plucking us off night’s boring doom
Like scales in their family room

White clouds captured the celestial deck
With the angelic beings offering a peck
Upon their paraded innermost speck
The life below is a ruin and a wreck

The wound in our continent defiles a cure
As a dash in our birth to death so sure
Iniquity upon our heart pulls a lure
Away from the Saviour so pure



With pupils-conquering views
The soul surveys the wonderlands
With breath seasoned with cold hate
Mortals seek to fan the flames of peace

Like pretty preys of the mighty
And cute captives of the terrible
The sea pleaded, the floods wept
Aboard the circumstantial waterfalls

The sun is blindfolded for fun
Like thieves nabbed by the rays
And the deep dances nude abroad
Like the bats basking in a bright sunlight

Twilight twists our pleasantries
Tomorrow is a borrowed sorrow
With mind unlocked from Divine will
Future groans like a non-lubricated machine



The thoughtful white clouds
In their technically beautiful terrains
Unleashed pure subjects on parades
Like the beauty heaped on red roses

The beautiful white clouds
The terminal interplanetary palaces
Raised altar to alter the atmosphere
Like the waves bleeding for livewire

The glittering sociable clouds
In lime light of unquestionable beauty
Placed inner purities on essential duty
Like glows of candles in thick darkness

The travailing virtuous clouds
Wheeled into the thunderous theatre
Injected terror into our bone marrows
Like the lions examining a strayed prey.

Poems: Adeola Ikuomola

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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