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My Lover’s Absence: Poems by Jonathan Otamere Endurance



I stitch my voice —
Little by little,
Garner pieces of my rainy days
To alleviate the fire
This absence flares.

I twine, pirouetting my palms
To seek divination of a lengthy absence
Twirling nothingness:
To my morning dew,
To my delicate dusk
Reaching for STARS — vacancy of unbearable loss.

My scattered voices seek unity
From hermitage of dirges —
A song I had promised not to sing
For it reminds my lips of the sweet daffodils
It once enclasped.

My heart is a rainbow of seven anonymous colours,
Each bearing my lover’s absence;
My mother said red was a beautiful colour:
She made me love the fire in her words
Until it became a colour that marks emptiness.



Our amity was like encomiums
Heaping in the heart of a eulogized god,
Our faces — scintillate into a moon of undying bliss—
This love shall sail enemies
Into the veins our palms hold
Like a fate hastening to its lover’s waist.
Our brains were a home
Where the enemies took surge of counsel,
“A nation lies here”
“Tomorrow is nearer than far”
We squealed to re-awake
A burning desire
Like a forest caterwauling
In the mouth of a cremating holocaust.

A woman lies here —
In-between our shadows,
Serrating the laughter imprinted on our lips
She would wreathe rebellion round
The brain of a half-friend half-lover,
Ferried into the ears of a confused wind.
An enemy — dame, has taken surge in my friend…

Poems © Jonathan Otamere Endurance

Jonathan Otamere Endurance
Jonathan Otamere Endurance
Jonathan Otamere Endurance is a poet who finds his muse in reading and writing. He is an undergraduate at the University of Benin, studying English and Literature.

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