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An Elegy: Poetry by Aderonmu J. Ayotunde


You picked up your own soul like a peg
and wrung it in a loop you made for yourself
till you saw the stars in their celestial conglomerate
and you could no longer look back to wave goodbye

I still reminisce the night we sat and watched
the dying embers of the cold harmattan
and we played host to the frigid touch of nature
but no bird whispered your appointment with the slaying monster

Right under the shade of the big Iroko tree
we drew a world of our own out of thin air
we rode and journeyed through it on our horses of words
but now you’re lost in a voyage with no route to bring you back

Your smile was enough shadow for every of your devises
how I fell under the deception of the sweet wine we poured down
as you hid your pain gracefully each time you raised up your cup
I never knew you left even while you were still around

I was around all day you should know
we could have worked hand in hand
on those nights that seemed darkest
together we could have walked us out this grief

But you left me with memories I can’t touch
wasted dreams, thwarted desires and tangled wishes
the marks on your neck will stay with me
and ignite always the deceptiveness of smiles.

Poem © Aderonmu J. Ayotunde
Image: remixed

Aderonmu J. Ayotunde
Aderonmu J. Ayotunde
Aderonmu J. Ayotunde is an undergraduate of Physiotherapy at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria. He finds himself writing mostly when he settles down to study and can be reached on twitter @Justy_AyoTayo.

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