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Ryan Cresswell | Scrubland


A sort of scrubland, sandy yellow

Hazy, then bright, uneasy distance

A hut blooms stark red flowers

A thin grey snake coils to strike

The driver; long haired, fervent

Swings the wheel to turn hard

The other, a hot-eyed shadow

The guide, cap pulled too low

Unionist rebel, all political anger

Pamphlets flutter on the floor

Crumpled, broken butterflies

The rutted roads, death seeded

With the skeletons of vehicles

Shaped, sculpted by deadly artists

Then, a spotter plane swoops low

An ominous eagle; we are warned

Unwelcome visitors near the lair

Across the blood line, slicing Nam

North from south, in a freedom run


Poem: Ryan Cresswell
Image: Markus Spiske Unsplash

Ryan Cresswell
Ryan Cresswell
Ryan Cresswell is a Cape Town based journalist who has worked in Southern Africa and Canada. He has had a range of content published, from short stories and poetry to satirical columns and business editorials. Ryan has had a lifelong interest in literature, travel, history and politics. He holds a BA Hons in the History of the Ancient Near East.

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