Ahmad Isah Sabo: Goddess of Purity

Image by Romain Hiest/Mikayla Quinn from Pixabay (modified)


I sit between vision and hallucination—
a weaver bird failing to weave love,
but every time I say your name to the wind
I recount the rhythm of your jigida*
which I yearn to hold as my rosary—
counting your name— my prayer— in lust.

In stupor of lust, I lose myself to euphoria
      each time
you dance a step to uproar the flame of thirst
in me— tinges me to pray more and more
until my prayer leads me to forbidden hell—
      a fitting reward for the lunatic lovers.

What more should I worship but you— goddess of purity,
If I die in my euphoria, bury me in your purity
Let my soul soar with your steps across the seven skies,
and tonight— tell the stars of how our love dazzles
      brighter than they ever could.


*jigida is a Hausa word for ‘waist beads’ worn by some African women.



These ages are bricks
building a barrier
between us—

each turn of hourglass
seems to outgrow me
from you— innocence,

they carve these gaps—
      workmen of time,
between us.

I see you from afar—
flickering like flame
in the night of time.

With you I was—
a stars-counter,
now I only count
my breath

each time I sniff your scent
harmattan brings,
I wish I’d rewind life.


Poems © Ahmad Isah Sabo
Image by Romain Hiest/Mikayla Quinn from Pixabay (modified)

About the author

Isah Ahmad Sabo

Isah Ahmad Sabo is a Nigerian poet. He is passionate of poetry, painting and photography. His poetry appear on Praxis Magazine Online, Active Muse Online Journal, BPPC Chapbook, among others. He likes travelling and exploring new places and people.


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