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Agonizing Pretences: A Poem by Olumide Omoyele

Agonizing Pretences

elevated pretences
co-ordinated, powerful and
seemingly all-encompassing
believable even…well, almost

the agony…
playing unwitting audience
to the many steps and poignant moments
as engraved permanently
in the sands of time, recording
humanity’s jarring descent
into anachronistic dementia
in perpetual quest
for meaning and purpose
to fill an ever-bulging void

just the thought of it…

the relentless pursuit
of sacredness and
the dominion of sacred notions
over all others, even the profane,
continue to exercise – and vigorously so –
otherwise dormant brain cells
in this rather
de minimis
facet of
hapless existence

the agony rages still…


(C) Olumide Omoyele


  1. Deep…I guess we live in a world where people have over inflated sense of their own self importance with little substance to back it up.

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