A Friendly Walk: Poems by Nnaemeka Oruh

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A Friendly Walk

We walked today,
A solitary walk
I with my slender menthol friend
–A fatal relationship.
They looked on as usual
Criticism in their eyes
I chose this path
Fired muses are the result


Bacchus Worship

At night,
You clasp the same abomination
With both hands
A sin, long certified
By Kingdom Witnesses and doctors
As a ferryman
To the other side

Theirs were homilies
Meant to irrigate receptive grounds
Yours is a stony garden
Immune to such waters
Your soul,
A desperate revolutionary
Teasing death, daring health
A path you walk, with many others
Who embrace escape through
Temporary amnesia


If We Die Tonight

Molten larvae
Off of pent up anger
Bursting to the fore
An inferno.
Flora; fauna; property; all
Their hellfire has come
Apocalypse now

When leather sandals
Marched down on the heads
Of citizens,
Who defied rain, blood, sun
To elevate you,
Only one outlet: a volcano.

Some will defy myths
Heaven will be man-made
A juxtaposition to hell–

Then corpses.
Sacrificial lambs of a re-birth

If we fall,
Hand not death victory
Glorify him not, by wailing
We were legends, celebrate our passage
With festive drumbeats!

This land, our land
Must be redeemed tonight!


© Nnaemeka Oruh

Image: Bigstock.com

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