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Tomorrow: Poems by Champion Sunday Idogun

Image: August Brill via Flickr


Tomorrow is the soothing song
our fathers sang and danced to caress our naivety
They like dulcet lark
made tomorrow our song
even as morning dew kisses the earth

So, we bought their shades and danced the song
Tomorrow became our hopeful mistress
whom we lavished our sweet alluring affections
How our heart pants to receive her thousand kisses
and be forever married to her
so, she became a rhyme on our lips
and we like nightingales, sang of her splendours

As the mouth of the night swallowed the smiles of the day
the dancing stars sang a sweet song
which our fathers had taught our lips
so, we waddled and twisted our waist
in dance to the mellifluous song
We sat on the moon and beat her drums
and danced to her rhythms and beats
Our eyes were befriended to the galaxies
that if there be tomorrow
it will meet us bidding her welcome

So, the lips of the night unfisted itself
as joy walked into our heart and sat on our feet and lips
how we embraced her with million kisses
But, our noble fathers came with their song
“you’re the leaders of tomorrow”
which taught my eye to write a song of tears.
When shall my mouth kiss my lover, tomorrow?
When shall tomorrow come?



I laid on the back of the wind
like a baby on the cradling cots of her mother
but the wind kissed me into free-fall
like lemmings diving into an innocent ocean
I pleaded for the mercies of the globe
but my begging hand
was tossed to the angry wind

He was a fortified rock
that became a cluster of clouds
he left me dangling till I drowned in her vexation
which blew me to the sea
and my voice, being a silent star
was plucked from the faces of the sky.
Poems: Champion Sunday Idogun
Image: August Brill via Flickr

Champion Sunday Idogun
Champion Sunday Idogun
Champion Sunday Idogun, a writer from Edo State, is currently a student of English and Literature at the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.

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