The Sun Shall Rise: Poems by Clarius Ugwuoha


and scattered

and disillusioned

his world
hung on a ragged

the birds sang away
in the trees

the clouds shifted
about to fall

morning beckoned
but he was gone.


The Sun Shall Rise

Though the sky be dark
With clouds
And it rains
Without cease…

Though Grief perches on the wall
Like an owl
And hardship drums
Her rhythms on the door…

Though the barren fingers
Of the dark
Touch off on everything
And you ask…

Though it be dark today
Pot-black sky
Flakes of soot raining
And you cry…

The barren fingers of the dark
Shall recede!
The Sun shall rise
Never to set again
It’s golden streaks
Dawn to dawn
Shall permeate your world

Do not cry
The Sun Shall Rise!


The Lonely Voice

A lonely voice,
Emanates as from nowhere,
Impregnates the morning air

Birth is given
To war-set warriors clanging
Matchets and chanting
War songs

Dusk and the world is laid to waste
Staring back nostalgic stares
At the ruin of its own hands.

Lonely voice say what you are
That makes widows of the newly wed
Orphans of the newly born
Gloomy of a sunny day…

These pressurizes chants of your praise
Do betray
Pent up fury
At your heraldic calls!


Fugitive from Justice

The Sun let down
To hide its shame
The earth runs
Like the fleet-footed hound

The stench of blood
Palls the bleeding knife.

What river of tears!
And the sudden market where grief was sold,

Fugitives there are too
From the wreckage of the tongue and pen
Fugitives from justice
In the very home they live.

Run, Fugitive, run
From the shadow that trails

But Justice grinds exceedingly small!


The Rain

The sun ripened in the sky
Plucked by unseen hands.
Blind clouds groped through.
The wind picked up her broom
And swept neatly through the sand.
The trees argued fiercely
Gesticulating and turning.
The skies were hurrying about for a shelter
And from the distance,
Between thundering,
A spray of cold rain came
Hammering on the iron sheets!


(c) Clarius Ugwuoha

About the author

Clarius Ugwuoha

Clarius Ugwuoha is a poet and novelist. He is based in Nigeria.


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