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African Hills: Poems by Moses Uyang


They look alive
from afar-
the green hills of African descent,
each resting on
the shoulders of the other.
They bear all green.
They are beneath
a heavy cloud,
which wears beautiful
sky-blue colour,
tinted with white
and some patches of gray.
My ecstasy lies
in the magnificent bonding
between the shiny green
the shiny green
of the hills
the unassuming
splendor of the sky.
Their friendship
makes the world
such a beauty,
that beauty that gives you
another chance,
to love and life.



I thought I knew them!
No – I didn’t.

They wear things made of wool,
things made of gold,
things made of sweat and blood.
I can’t really figure out who they are.

On that day they came calling,
calling out in sheepish looks,
but with ‘wolfish’ hearts.
They called until their voices seized.
One by one you all will pay for this seizure.
This they said yet no one in the crowd heard.

These decorated obstacles
have gone and seen;
how time is handled,
how knowledge bears transformation…
yet they came back and became blind suddenly.

Who will see for them?
Who has the guts to raise an alarm?
Or have they not been obstacles long enough?
Can we strike a deal for a complete revolution?
Will you be faithful to the cause?
Can I count on you?

But in case you become afraid
or lose interest- Wait!
Let me assure you sisters and brothers of Africa.
Our style of revolution will be different.
There will be no shedding of blood.
There will be no arms to hands,
no weapons of the nuclear lineage,
no tanks of armour, no knives or axes.
All I’m saying is,
there will be no bloodshed.

When we meet,
we shall discuss more,
more for us, more for generations to come.
If this gets to you first, Kwame,
please inform Lumumba and Walter.
And I’m sure they would make this known to Fanon.
As for Dedan, I’ve already told him.


Poems © Moses Uyang
Image: Rod Waddington via Flickr (cropped)

Moses A. Uyang
Moses A. Uyang
Moses A. Uyang is a writer, poet and editor. He is the editor of North East Star online news magazine and the editor of KAREYI, a newly formed art roundup newsletter. He got a degree in English and Literature in English (B.Ed Hons.) from The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. He also holds a Diploma in Religious Studies from Marist International University College, Nairobi, Kenya. He is ever open to creative challenges and loves to love the Divine and His creatures. He is the author of The Trek, available online at:


  1. All I can say is great job from a young promising nigerian writer with enough wealth of knowledge to share with the world….the sky is your starting point.

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