The Journey: Poems by Godspower Oboido

Image by sszdl via Flickr

Image by sszdl via Flickr

The Journey

Does the blue dawn
Worship at your feet
As you clump, irksomely
On that dusty road
In pursuit of honour?

Are you lost
In finding Orun,
In a forest of a thousand demons
Where your ancestral assemblage,
Wayfarers of sort,
Salute you on the roadside?

O abobaku,
For what are you gone?
Slave or prince,
Tell me of silver streams
Uncurling at the mouth of Aye
That vomit you to Orun’s intermediaries
Like an honourable outcast.

Honour and ignominy,
What is your gain?
At Orun’s finish line
Who claps and dances and prays for you?
And do you find your king there
Or are you lost in finding?
We are free men in the afterlife.


Dawn Breaks In Her Gaze

Waters converge
At the edge of her eyes
Like the dew from Heaven
That moisturizes earth at dawn,
Breaking from the grip of dusk.

Each new day begins
In her sultry gaze,
(Where I come to baptize)
Stronger than the smell
Of her morning coffee.

Her gaze is like still waters
Sleeping in ocean’s arms.
When I am lost in it – or raptured,
I am lost for words.


Night at Dugbe

The sky maintains
A Godly distance above us,
Travellers all who watch
The stars, like troubadours
In the sky, tell tales of light
To the ears of darkness
Foreshadows dawn
When the mountains
Will offer their morning price
Of incense drifting heavenward.


(c) Godspower Oboido
Image: Courtesy sszdl via Flickr

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