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The Hawk no more has Claws: Poetry by Olubela Christopher Oluwamurewa

hawk's claws


Moon Starved
Is this all the moon we’ll have today?
Like the pencil strokes in our children’s books
Even its star is far from it
We are starved of the moon
By people who want to
Change us mesos to xeros
So they’ll be lithos
Yet we side in their camps
And we’ll be paid
Our woes.

The Hawk no more has claws
The hawk no more has claws
Its wings cluttered by its weightless wings
The chicks only hear of his terrors
From the hen, they’ve never had a scurry
Just a scare from a tale
Now the hawk glides in the sky
Occupying space and sucking power
The dove now has hunts in the sky
Wallowing in the flesh of her haunted allies.

Lion’s Paw
The lion raises its Paw again
And like a splutter on a Louvre work
Sheds the blood of the ant
Scatters its rank
Shocks away its toil.

In a labyrinth
I don’t grab
This alchemy that
Turns blood to gold
But cannot
Change sweat for silver.

Poems © Olubela Christopher Oluwamurewa

Olubela Christopher Oluwamurewa
Olubela Christopher Oluwamurewa
Olubela Christopher Oluwamurewa is a young budding writer and speaker. He writes poetry, short stories, reviews, essays and motivational pieces. He is a final year student of The International School, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, Nigeria. He hopes to take African literature to a new level.

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