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Image: Cdd20 via Pixabay

Mangaliso Buzani’s poetry inspired this


I’m figuring out


My fingers pull
The tough skins off
The frozen chicken pieces


Alan Finlay’s poetry inspired this

The door has wings
Swings open

The tree and summer have glands
That I cannot see

The whale speaks

I am ghost
Behind the closed door

The hinge is broken
The door remains ajar

The castle’s kitchen is turned upside down

You are not here anymore
I tear my heart out

The screwdriver (it needs to be fixed)
It needs to be fixed

Squirrels dance (in the backyard)
In the backyard

Wizards are in the field
Practising wizardry

Potter’s calling

The Goodyear blimp
It lands on a bump
In the green valley

The binary star
The wheel
The circle

Goes around and around
In the bluest eye
Of the sky

The spaceship lands
The alien disembarks
They like being near
The ocean

It reminds the alien
Of their interplanetary system
It reminds them
Of navigating our constellation

I miss you
Like the alien misses

Intergalactic war with us
In another time




Teamhw SbonguJesu’s poetry inspired this

This curt earth
It crumbles between my fingers

Dead to the world
Halfway there

Down the aisle
Then woken up

As if from a dream
Lightly resilient


An adverse experience
As my first blood

I am fragile

You rescued me
I saved you

Inspired by this dust
These eddies
This circle of wolves

I arrange the dry flowers
Somehow, they’re alive to me

Their memorabilia
Their ephemera

These photographs

I shield my gaze
From my outstanding

Plutarch’s Constitution

Is only a place to start


Robert Berold’s poetry halfway inspired this


You’re meat
Weathering the distance between taste, grease and hot sun


You’re science
Marking space, time and textbook knowledge


You’re the noble creative
Mastering the performance of the arts


Actor garnering praise for resisting
What matters is commandeering the metaphysical at rest


Poems: Abigail George
Image: Cdd20 via Pixabay

About the author

Abigail George

Abigail George’s fiction was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. She briefly studied film at Newtown Film and Television School in Johannesburg. She is the recipient of grants from the National Arts Council, Johannesburg, Centre for the Book in Cape Town, and ECPACC (Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council) in East London. She has been widely published from Australia, to Finland to Nigeria, and New Delhi, India to Istanbul, Turkey and Wales.
Her blog African Renaissance can be found online in Modern Diplomacy under Topics.
She contributed for a year to a symposium on Ovi Magazine: Finland’s English Online Magazine. She is a poet, fiction writer, feminist thinker, essayist, and a blogger at Goodreads.

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