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Techi: Poems by Femi Morgan

Image: See-ming Lee via Flickr


I’m a deacon with an Ipad of words; I also sow words on the soil of BlackBerry

My lady seeks to know with smthng called tech-know

My children greet me shouting WhatsApp
Must we families be linked with Linkedin or what is dis world turning into?

I get requests everyday bt I help by accepting, not giving.
I send requests and they retaliate-a world so unfair…

I use PIN to talk and gain response, yet it never pricks

No one sees well anymore, we all use Google

The next door neighbour is so lousy, when he starts to have fun with his wife, in heightened tempo “Yahoo, Yahoo!” is all that fills the lost serenity.

The sky has taken a hike, all that’s left is Skype

I check my fridge to find smthng to eat n its all blogs; ah ah call the WordPress I wnt a press conference

Kudos to Steve Jobs, bt here thrs little or no jobs, so thrs Jobberman

Books kind of lose space with Kindle, the tales leaves u deep in the arms of Amazon
The worst dt can happen in luv is, talk to d hand, report abuse, unfriend, without the pulse of blood but with just a click

Love gains the signs of luv, a smiling kissing caricature, a lol for well-planned jokes
My wife pings a kiss every night n my son, tweets me good morning. I don’t beat him I poke him.


(Song of Sorrow)

I’m on the cliff
Waiting for the wind
To take me across
Where no words can reach

I’m on the cliff
Weighing options
Laughing at my wounds
Without the treble of the heart

I’m on a cliff
Lost in labyrinths of thoughts
Hoping there’s an easy way

To sleep and not wake…



I will not join words
With you
I will join words without you
With hyphenated angst
I will string them into colossi manifest

Today may be the worst day
But when it is past 12, it is another
Fresh with its own “Joke of the Day”
I will not join words with-
The name of animal, place and things
I will bask in the alpha-numerals
Mind blowing decimals that defecate everywhere
Like goats in Okonkwo’s compound

I will not join words with you
I am not a tailor
Cutting and pasting in references
Like Google maps
I will laugh like frequent “go-slows”
On Ikorodu road
And close my eyes with the Jazz of
The bus with its interrupted radio sequence.

I will not join words with you
Too many gallops
That make one fart in the pie-chart
Presentation stuck at the mercy of the
Laptop bag.
© Femi Morgan
IMAGE: See-ming Lee via Flickr

Femi Morgan
Femi Morgan
Femi Morgan is the curator of Artmosphere, one of Nigeria's leading arts, culture and Literature events in Nigeria.

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