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For Dry Morsels We Mourn: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola

Image: Panu Horsmalahti via Flickr
Image: Panu Horsmalahti via Flickr


For dry morsels we mourn
Like censored mousers
In wasteful waves we wail
Like embattled cargoes

For dry morsels we roar
Like lightning-castrated thunders
Our voice boxes are boxed
Like thudded cowherd drums

For dry morsels we sigh
Like the skies ravaged by smokes
Our enumerated rib rumble
Like the woeful earthquakes

Interred in cardinal courtyards
Encompassed by vile compasses
The triumphant truths truncated
To triple-fatten the wild falsehoods

In our nightmares we neigh
Like wild bees-invaded horses
With diehard deceitful change
Misfiring in our thick-skinned forests

From viperous chambers of regrets
We regress into our electoral lockers
Our ballot papers to be readdressed
To refashion our defaced democracy



The outdated sunlight
In her dark night gown
Double-clicked darkness
To mourn her overweight
Upon the swiftest waterfall
Lynching her feministic gaits
Within glassine masculine gates



The sky is caught coughing
Invoking tonal tomb tones
Time for citizens to mourn
Crowns interred for thorns

Wild were our nightmares
Hot were our conspiracies
Light woefully terminated
Remitted dual dark dirges

With our afflicted tin cups
Echoing our rib-kit bowers
Noisily for bread we yawn
Upon brakeless water falls

Our country lacking poetry
Ruins all our smiling similes
With alienated alliterations
Bait showcasing body bags



We are odd members
In the bucket brigades
Downplaying fire balls
In death-dating dawns

We air our nutty fruits
To make the skies sick
And coloured our gifts
To star sack sanctuary

Within fanged tongues
Our hymn books faked
From dubious decimals
Our keyboard interred



We have got them
Like redhead irons
Bare fanged woes
Bloody nightmares

We did brine them
Dark slots to retain
In our thumbprints
Deep scars escalate

We disfigured them
The potent wisdom
And understanding
Beneath foot marks


Poems: Adeola Ikuomola
Image: Panu Horsmalahti via Flickr (modified)

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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