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A Sorrowful Fate: Two Poems by Maryam Gatawa



I’ll submit my pains in ships
To sail back into time
To the one who owns blue canopy

I’ll mail my tears on kites
Through Seven Skies above the Seven Seas
To the omnipresent one

See, the oceans have turned red
The land sprouts black plants
Watered by the blood of men
Feasted alive by the seizure of breath
Then I saw corpses crying in death

I swear by the Owner of Ants
Humanity has lost its face
Blood against blood
Dancing in black seas
Raining reds
The organ in my chest keeps pounding hard
Translated by streams that leaked through my lens,
by the one who owns the heart of the dead

Terror sees no sun
Where peace is not the balm
To this sorrowful fate


           When they ask you what Love is, tell them this:
It’s cruel like the monster in beasts
Succulent like Melon that is sweet
           It’s a way scouting path to life
           Scented nectar, pulp of life
It’s the sigh relieving us
The sneeze revealing us
           It’s the whispering hiss of venomous vipers
           Grace of an ardent sprinter
It’s the sand dunes adorning deserts
The melodic tunes sweeping through us
           It’s the gorge holding waters of sweet memories
           The drown in painful grief
It’s dawn that brings dew on meadows
Sundown, a fiery glow of light
           It’s horizon, a realm of hope
           Prison, hearts confined in ardor
It’s the war of hurricanes and tornadoes
Peace given in full dose
           It’s the river cleansing worries away
           Mud daubed on faces
It’s life and it’s death
Love lives after life is dead
           It’s the seal stamped upon our hearts
           Vision right in the blur
It’s the thing that lets you drift in blissful trance
The pen that inked this poem
Poems © Maryam Gatawa

Maryam Gatawa
Maryam Gatawa
Maryam Gatawa is a prolific poet, writer and human rights activist based in Kano, Nigeria. A graduate of Economics from Bayero University, Kano, she enjoys reading and the arts.


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