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Song of Suffering: Poems by Adetuyi Adetola

Image: Taymaz Valley via Flickr (modified)
Image: Taymaz Valley via Flickr (modified)


The start of infinity
begins at the steps of wisdom.

A period has come.
Sufferings ravage humanity.
The klutz is shocked,
and his followers stand still
at the mention of famine.

Cygnets await the lessons
of their master.

The anti-utopia.

Let the mothers arise
in the face of injustice.
The result of judgment
is death.
And torture.

A long way of amassing
the invisible globes of tyranny.
Resilient spaghetti bung.

The beginning of wisdom,
starts at the stop of fooldom.
Its juice flows on the rugs of posterity,
guided by the principle of pedesis.

The contingencies of Nemesis
follow the recipient the crown.



The harshness of the henchman
falls as that of water droplets.
The default man looks artless
as though in a witness box without a stool,
his forasche akin to poverty.

The brain ticks like a clock,
Drops of tics
make an ocean of lost tics.

They say the metamorphosis of your dream
does not take a tic.
It takes an incruental mixture,
the results, They say, tells a lot.

The brain moves in a box,
It’s increasing speed,
scares the autonomic nervous system.
The henchman falls out of the crowd.

Pending judgment; they say,
when your tic-tic, tic-tic
overflows its cup.
Your spotless speed to That side
depends on your results.

A book is opened.
The default man looks aloud.
It strengthens your endurance
to give a fanciful delightful detail
of you tic-tic, tic-tic.


© Adetola Adetuyi
Image: Taymaz Valley via Flickr (modified)

Adetuyi Adetola
Adetuyi Adetola
Adetuyi Adetola, a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, has had poems published on and OAUpeeps. He resides in Akure, Nigeria.

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