Sobriety: Poems by Collins Okpala

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Sobriety beckons like a stranger;
It feeds the heart with bitterness;
It strangles the marina from its sleep;
And squeezes breath out of our nostrils;
The pain they say is good;
It strengthens our understanding.
Tensed friction produces heat;
Inventions are embers of charred desires…
“I didn’t intend to write but my soul burgeons with worry
My gifts won’t crawl to the grave.”
…The solemn protests of a Bard



I have dreams of Regatta;
The synergy amazes me;
A contrast fleet rides as one;
It is like a waiting man,
Who saddles on his head;
The canoe wanders heavily on scanty waters;
It paddles like it knows;
I conjure faint ripples fall on my skin…Oh Regatta! “Who will take
me there?”

(c) Collins Okpala
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