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Impunity: Poems by Efeduma Eseoghene


Such latitude of recklessness
lumbered upon the essence of civility
Where caution thrown to mongrels is called creativity
Where thespian serialization of political whim
seek to fathom our cultural and ancestral enigma
An unruly manifestation of decadence and rot
the tedium of our epoch is impunity.

Brigands have taken over our political errands
Such dreariness on our native essence
predicated on superstitious conjecture and classification
these intrinsic determination inferred by wilful protuberance
on a myopic concept of tribal chauvinism
has inevitably shifted what focus and paradigm we inherited
a clear usurpation of reason  and dissonance.

The tears of felon purified in sainthood
The fears of bandits assuaged by political absolution
The excitement of our eon is impunity
such indifference to our ancestral credence
Such distrust for rightfulness in pretense
for what gain will patriots unearth in a lawless realm
what a clan of impunity we have raised



Where is your stool?
I saw your walking stick with a garage tout yesterday
your beads sold in Igbudu market to an urchin
a bandit wore your regalia to a family meeting
High chief of Urhobo kingdom
My brother died fighting your cause
While your son was in Cambridge
Your words no longer inspire the clan
Your stool once revered now maggot infested
pushed aside by antagonistic potencies
the imperiousness of your locus lost
Dusk has filled the gathering of elders


© Eseoghene Efeduma
Image: Mitchell Krog (Flickr)

Efeduma Eseoghene
Efeduma Eseoghene
I am the Purchasing & Supply Chain Manager-West Africa for Pacific International Drilling West Africa Limited. I reside in Lagos and I am 43 Years Old. I am Graduate of English Language and have a Masters in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen. I am Married with three Beautiful Kids.

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