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Six Dates: Poems by Obakanse Lakanse



Another Date: the wind blows your name at me
I breathe your name into a storm, and it snaps it still
I chew on your name and it melts around my mouth like sweet chocolates…

Another Date: seated under a palm tree, I am marveling at your magical face
How it blazes with smiles, lighting up around me beautiful shadows
I hold it between my hands and cover it with wet kisses…

Another Date: your body comes dancing along the sea-shore
I grab it and wrap mine around it in a tangled embrace
Its warmth breathes into my insides, and I rise in a storm…

Another Date: your thighs split slightly open at my touch
I dip my hand into their warm beginnings, exploring
I part them further and wedge my trunk between them…

Another Date: I stay at home, staring at the blank expressionless wall
Oh! Melly, we have climaxed now, and I am done.



Three aimless streets have brought me here
To contemplate the holy mien of my goddess
She’s outside with her mum, doing the family’s laundry in the sun

But strangely, now that I am here, my heart, I find, goes out to her mum
Her chalked, hydropathical face… The fluidity of her smiles in puddles
I am a Christian; I’m not judgmental about people, things and flies

In setting out, I had combed my manners into neat, proper patterns
Polished my speech with a sparkling toothpaste
And perfumed my body with some dash of cash….

But am I really cut for this? – To be a toy in someone’s bedroom farces?
Haunted by things, I behold a grey abstraction rise in the east,
And hold at bay the brisk shadows in Madam’s gilded stare

Shamefacedly, I cast furtive glances at some speck in the mute sky above
And something tells I’m here, denying other men of their love.

Poems (C) Obakanse Lakanse

Obakanse S. Lakanse
Obakanse S. Lakanse
Obakanse Lakanse, poet, teacher and literary essayist holds a B.A in English and an M.A in Literature-in English. He has published his poems and essays in some of the country’s best-selling newspapers and on


  1. The stream of consciousness captured in your pieces are what keeps me in touch with the world of your poems.
    Great delivery, great exploration, I think you should tell us what happens on tge seventh day and the road it took.
    Good job!

  2. Wow! this is wonderful, you just made my day a special date forever with the way you have combed my manners with your punished speeches that sparkling through all the veins of mine but I promise to hold it between my hands for a life time.
    kudos sir!

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