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Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David: Light Fears, Dark Miracles

Light fears, dark miracles:

if the light was ever a friend,
with arms welcoming a smile on our faces,
then, when the night came and we fought to follow the sun,
to lay on the same bed that holds its body
its rays would have held our hands and we’d jolly hop to the other side like joyful little children.

now, close your eyes,
draw a line from your heart to your ears and hear
the silence of your fear,
the echo of its strength only when it feeds on your attention,
telling you, you are alone.

If the darkness was ever an enemy,
then our souls wouldn’t find rest in its hands,
and we wouldn’t run over to its arms like children who have long desired the embrace of their mother,
we wouldn’t wait till it comes, to explore the naughtiness of our hearts.

now, open your eyes,
see the world as it really is,
you have neither friend nor foe,
only goals,
and when like the stars these goals align with the universe,
the miracle of friendship happens.

Poem © Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David
Image by jplenio from Pixabay

Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David
Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David
Olafisoye-Oragbade Oluwatosin David is a 400 level medical student at the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital, Kwara State, Nigeria with the psuedonym "King Davey". He is a Christian, a poet, spoken words artist, script writer and editor. He won the ILUMSA Malaria Day Poetry Contest in 2021, and was a guest poet at the 17th Conference of the Anatomical Society of Nigeria held at the University of Ilorin in 2021. As a Spoken Words Artist, he was a guest Poet, at Poethon Season 4 (an Online poetry concert) where he bagged the award for the best poetry content.

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