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Generations: A Poem by Ivana Osagie



In the silence, I see them,

And in the darkness I hear them,

Voiceless, formless, yet ever present still,

My ancestry, my heritage,

Many generations before;

Though long gone,

Yet my essence encompasses

The nuances of their sojourn once upon a time;

Mmmhh, their choices, their decisions, successes, their joys and their

It all comes back

In a never ending circle,

Through aeons, and aeons of time,

Reaching out to me, in the here and now;

And so then, I must peer ahead

Into a different space and time,

Into posterity, my progeny,

Many generations to come,

To break the darkness and bring light;

So I fly with the wind, kiss the sun, soar with the clouds and catch a

To bring liberty to voiceless babes unformed,

Leaving them a legacy of hope, charity and fulfilment.


(c) Ivana Osagie


Ivana Osagie
Ivana Osagie
Ivana Osagie is a poet and a freelance photographer. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria

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