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Night Alone: Poetry by Victor Eyo



Have you ever felt
this gaping loneliness?
The streets feel like scenes
From the apocalypse
The echo at the end of the alley
As night descends to a taunting static
To you watching the candle flicker
The walls of your home
Crushing your spirit



I was bitten by a snake
And I became a snake
A dark, slithering reptile
Alive and cold

I was crushed
By the giant wheels of a raging monster
But I emerged from the melee
Smiling and soulless

I was cast into a den
To fraternize with angry, hairy lions
And when you searched for my bones
I had become a lion

You think of what devices
To send me tumbling down the precipice of life
But you never know
That I am the wind

Poems © Victor Eyo

Victor Eyo
Victor Eyo
Victor Eyo is a Nigerian writer. His poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming on,, Kalahari Review.

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