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To Precious, My Oxygen: Poems by Victor Eyo



you consume me like a great poem
magical verses levitating man to starry heavens

you lift my spirits
like a streak of sunlight breaking through sombre clouds

in your presence
i feel a thousand sweet sensations

holding your hands
send millions of volts crackling through my nerves

i want to say i love you
but the word is not born that can describe this feeling

so you are my oxygen
how can i live without you?



while recession is just a word
a mother protests from stall to stall
unable to find a fair bargain:
a boy learns to write in the mud
till some dizzying spell lulls him to lassitude;
a father slouches home at noon
carrying sadness on his shoulders;
and our nation’s liberators swim the sea
of English lexicon for a word that is not just a word.



i wanted to love you
with the tenderness of feathery pillows
with the intensity of blue flames
i wanted to love you
and lose my senses in the act
and dance naked at the stream
and say that one plus one is one

i wanted to love you
without restraint
and empty myself at your feet
i wanted to love you
with reckless abandon
and defy the motion of the world
with settled conviction

but your love had jagged edges
your love had many layers
like the onion that made me cry
that made me say loneliness is solitude
that imbued me with hope
and miscarried same in their
embryonic solemnity.

Victor Eyo
Victor Eyo
Victor Eyo is a Nigerian writer. His poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming on,, Kalahari Review.

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