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The Sunrays Scanned the Melodious Mountains: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola


The sunrays scanned the melodious mountains
Born for songs and recitations of heroine power
The butterflies conveyed the espousal proposal
Seething pots, teething ports and singing sports
Like the Parish Priest praying for the calm flocks

The congregation crawled out of their cathedral
Like the exasperated columns of desperate ants
They broke their silence under the broken skies
Like the thirsty frogs celebrating the latter rains
Breaking the rhyming oaths of peace and unity

The lyrical larks disported in the wind as planes
Transfering the talkshow to the heavenly spires
Rains of stones compelled the larks to zoom off
Like the thick smoke fading into the soft peaks
Under the mysterious wings of combatant eagle

The sunrays crept into the black thunder clouds
And trawled the earthmen down the dark valleys
Trees cast off their wrappers and danced naked
Then celebratory rains coughed and stammered
The emerging rainbow encircled the big cathedral



They offered us the urns for our runs
fraudulent frogs in our fruit gardens
distracted the industrious gardeners
within their deeply disguised dirges
calling for comfort and consolations

They offered us burns for our barns
the vicious vultures in their cultures
plucked down our supersonic peaks
shot down our eagles and bold lions
paid our ray with hyperpigmentation

They offered us the urns for our runs
like waves crashing down on shores
we are bottled for their ballot battles
and the Knights for their dead nights
our lice-loaned heads lie on their lies

They offered us the urns for our runs
dark back pages as light front pages
they kept our visions and revelations
in the shadows of their dead wagons
like the tortoise hawking his folklores



The flowerbeds were swimming
In the serene stream of sunlight
Roaring for a bucolic vegetation
Like thunder clapping in the sky

The muddy boots with wet dogs
Exposed the ultimate lineal pain
Hovering over the grinning grain
Under the canopy of the funfairs

The rays exaggerated pure bowls
Like lightning lightening the rain
Duck quacked as quack doctors
To underscore the sea’s tongues

The white clouds roamed around
Hawking streams in a day dream
Like our confiscated meal graphs
And truncated throat and tongue



The knotted structures of the heart
The enumerated soul term buggies
The grinning garden’s brotherhood
Booed the booted billboard of bliss
With dark dummy decimals of wars

Life as a toe in the raging sea’s foot
Stepped on the woe hawking wares
Like wildfires dancing in the forests
To seduce the tears-inducing ashes
And bridge the bold dashes on exits

The rocky temperament of the heart
Is an organ in the paws of bare bear
The ruinous template on the tea cup
The knotted structures of the throat
Witnessed our networked weakness



These cosmetic counselors
offer their bloodiest counsel
from their ancestral council
wrecked the brightest stars
and ruined the arch rainbow
like the volcanic wreckages
spewed aboard the oceans

These cosmetic counselors
the serpents and scorpions
sharp sorrows for darkness
carved out of the coiled coin
roar out of the narrative skin
our silence as the sound nut
cracked within the eardrums


Poems (c) Adeola Ikuomola
Image: Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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