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Leaves of Remembrance: Poems by Isaac Alesh Melchizedek

Image: LearningLark via Flickr (cropped)
Image: LearningLark via Flickr (cropped)


the legend says
you watch over us like a
mother – the demon-mummy
with lousy eyes
the legend died with you;

die on in our memory
the crazy dancer


has taken over
the dance is changed
so is the dancing stage

the music is watered
the music is too watered

asa still peeps
from the thick oblivion
screams at her children
beats her bony breasts
her deflated
breasts, her beating breasts
but there is no one left

the village circle is the abandoned square
has taken over


echoes of laughing neighbours
bendings & prostrations of good mornings
christmas that sits in village circles beneath
silent stars before christmas was imported —
these are the books of my native land
the gray memories that occupy drooping heads
heads that master the way tears fall on wrinkled
smiles. heads that know silent wars. whitefly
scars. dying dreams

© Isaac Alesh Melchizedek
Image: LearningLark via Flickr (cropped)

Isaac Alesh Melchizedek
Isaac Alesh Melchizedek
Isaac Alesh Melchizedek is a Nigerian poet. His works are online or forthcoming on The Kalahari Review, Sentinel Literary Quarterly, Brittle Paper, amongst others.

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