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Furious Fins and Curious Wings: Poems by Adeola Ikuomola

furious fins


Fins as furious as the curious wings
Tracked the waves as feathers trailed the woeful weathers
Sorrowing seas celebrated sadness in the skies
Showcasing the rapidity of their graphical demographics on heavy duty
hegemony, revealingly pointing out the eagles soaring in the roaringly
domineering storms

The contentious monumental concubines buttoned their nuclear tongues to
strike down the vast targets fashioned in the easternmost northern skies
with herds of hostilities submitting their ghostly ambassadorial
credentials to the winds breasting mountain peaks like merchants in applied
locomotives on the violent sea’s track fields.

The brokenhearted tears mingled with sweat crawled down the
thunderstorm-breached roofs
Downing the crowing crowns in the turbulent wagons weighing heavily and
gravely on the kindhearted birds keyboarding their soothing tunes to enrich
the ascending rays as the waves battered and pounded by high seas tumbled
on the fragile shores to nurse the scores of national narsal sores
with our back bones bent bedding the brooding burial bureau de change



A disappointed captain
Sighed on the mountain
Seeking to make merry
In the night’s starry ferry

His heart is a new clock
Under the accurate lock
Burying night born dead
In the darkest death bed

He draws lighter curtain
Like a revealing fountain
Darkness hails inclusion
Embedded in her illusion

It is all about the late hate
Sitting at the ghostly gate
Death, ruin and all to bear
As the dead bottle of beer



The plagues of tribal conflicts
Inspire the bloodiest theatres
Ringing the bell of revenge
Proliferating late states
Collapsing regionally
Like the sea waves

The roaring regional upheavals
In the anguish of ill brutalities
Echo the bleaching borders
Breeding grave disorders
Nursing bleeding orders
With bloody brothers

Peeping through the Middle East
Into the bedchamber of lovers
Hatred and horror embrace
Death dates fated decay
Tempers roar routinely
Testicles tear apart



Their maddening Middle East
As of a contentious housewife
Married to a drunken husband
Nurses her rebellious children
Under the darkest war clouds
Laying off the green bodybags

Morticians in Ismail’s mailbag
Mourners in Isaac’s sackbags
Sarah sings solo in sorrowing
Haggai hugs heaps of hurdles
And belching Father Abraham
Calls for an elusive household
From the celebratory thunders
And their documentary storms

Poems (c) Adeola Ikuomola

Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola
Adeola Ikuomola is a Nigerian poet.

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