Fontainebleau: Two Poems by Ivana Osagie

Image: Wikimedia commons
Image: Wikimedia commons


The freshness and crispness
Of a new autumn dawn;
Tawny leaves sashay at my feet,
While gentle sunlight kisses my brow;
My heart leaps in wonderment and awe,
It’s beautiful, in Fontainebleau.


All Around

I speak in seasons of joy,

In autumn, and in winter too;

I speak at twilight,

And at the breaking of dawn;

If you seek me in the sunlight,

You will find me there;

And even among the shadows,

You’ll discover my form;

I speak in the silent stillness,

And in the crescendo of sound;

Trust me dear child,

I am all around.


(c) Ivana Osagie

Image: Wikimedia commons


About the author

Ivana Osagie

Ivana Osagie is a poet and a freelance photographer. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria

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