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The Eagle: Poems by Abayomi Ogunniyi


Far across the drench of mountains,
standing by the image and
solitude of the sea across
the hills:

i see the rising of the sun
above the trees,
I dream beyond my roots
in the shade of branches                           beneath the brute of the soil.

The path of crystal distance.                    across my eyes,
i dread a far, searching for
heights to lay my claws                             upon in the midst of
the winds.

bending not to circumstances
beneath the sky,
thriving amid the waves                            and storms across.
the twirling sphere                                     of clouds at the.
distance of the sun.

i face the bruises and scorching              of the sun:
enduring the moment                               of lonely tales beneath
the moon.
Forgotten by the fantasy                           and air of pleasure
at the tweak of time and uncertainty.
fly across the bounds
of limitation,
moving around the                                   clouds above the
trees.                                                            gathering their wings
to soar across the                                      scars of the weather.



Outside, the glory of the                      moon across the hidden cast
of the sun,                                               the cold slouch of clouds within
the steam and intensity of an             unstable world.

Outside, the strangers comfort,        the owners fear and misery over
its shield.

Outside, the shade of forgotten.       feet, the eyes that sold its
shame  for the crumbs across the     lane.

Outside, never lonely on earth,        but deserted across your path.

Poems: Abayomi Ogunniyi

Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi
Abayomi Ogunniyi says of his poetry: “My love for poetry is very strong, whereby i consider it a page of my life. I am aspiring to create positive values as a poet to my world.” He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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