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Music Box: Poems by Ehizogie Iyeomoan


music box

his tongue searched for answers
to the endless questions stuffing her mouth
his fingers played the piano of her body
striking the right cords as he ran
a combination of black & white keys
till he finds a balance–an equilibrium
she teased the ivory of his neck
with warmness and moisturizing air
filling his ears with desires & soft songs


a bush fire burning within me

there is a bush fire burning within me
and I wish you could put it all out with
the shining waters like rivers on your lips
a fourteen or fifteen seconds kiss or more will
the miracle—the magic—the healing—the
will my lips ever marry yours on earth, or
should I wait
till a trumpet sounds for an eternal marriage in
will this fire—this insatiable desire even burn
out completely
and become ash and old time memories?


a thick blue film of love & loss

suddenly i want to cry and smile–all at once like
sun and rain filming sky & earth–a single silver
suddenly i want to cry & cry & cry and
pray nobody tries to hold it back
hold back the rain in my eyes from dropping.
i want to wash my feet and heart with those
warm tears.
salt water is good for cracking soles and the
heart too, doctors say.
so i want to teach myself to mourn and to
gap the thin transparent line between love and
i want to cry & smile & cry as i roll on
the mud floor to erase your name from history.
i want to cuddle me and rock myself to sleep
try to forget you ever lived in my head
try to forget you once fed my stomach butterflies
and scorpions
once stuffed my lungs joy and grief
once filled my head blood and bedtime desires.
i want to forget you like a 15 b.c. once-upon-a-
time story as
i rock my pillow and me to dreamland
on a bed of roses by the seacoast where
the colours of love and loss merge into one–
thick blue film
and my memory of you blues out

Poems: © Ehizogie Iyeomoan

Ehizogie Iyeomoan
Ehizogie Iyeomoan
Ehizogie Iyeomoan is a Nigerian poet. His poems have appeared in Kalahari Review, Provocanyon Review, Expound magazine, Praxis online magazine, Korea-Nigeria transnational poetry anthologies, volumes 4 & 5; Boda Boda Anthem & other poems: a Babishai Niwe Poetry Foundation initiative, Uganda; the New Black magazine, Asaplanet, Write Paragraphs, Lyriversity, and forthcoming elsewhere. He is an OSIWA poetry fellow and his poems have been translated into French and Italian. He won the Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast Prize (5th edition) and also received honorary mention in the Castello de Diuno international poetry competition (11th edition).


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