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Austine Osas: The Human Complaint



Jay Gould, (Robotech Technology),



The complaint of the plaintiff Roy Osarenkhoe, respectfully shows and alleges as follows:

  1. That the plaintiff herein, Roy Osarenkhoe, a resident of Benin City, Edo state; is an octogenarian (89 years old) suffering from the later stages of dementia.
  2. That the defendant herein, Jay Gould, a resident of Benin City, Edo state, is a robot contracted to offer services to the plaintiff.
  3. That the plaintiff desired to have his memories stored and made accessible on request in addition to having chores around his house performed by a robot with basic rights.
  4. That on March 2, 3023, the plaintiff and the defendant entered into a written agreement with a representative of Robotech Technology as a witness. Pursuant thereto, the plaintiff agreed to pay the sum of $1,000.00 for the AI. Pursuant to this payment, the defendant is to carry out the stated responsibilities for the duration of the plaintiff’s life.
  5. That on March 8, 3023, the plaintiff delivered to Robotech Technology a certified check in the sum of $300.00 which was cashed, as initial payment for the AI to be made to specification.
  6. That on June 7, 3023, the plaintiff delivered to the Robotech Technology a certified check for the sum of $700.00 on delivery of the Robot, to complete the agreed sum of $1,000.00 which was cashed.
  7. That the defendant failed to deliver on its duties, breaking down just one year and two months into the contract, caused by a system error due to no fault of the plaintiff, thereby erasing the memories of the plaintiff in storage, majority of which cannot be recreated due to the plaintiff’s memory loss and the passage of time.
  8. That the plaintiff and his children in seeking a solution, placed numerous calls and made visits to Robotech Technology, but were informed by the firm’s legal representatives that the situation was beyond their jurisdiction as the agreement was between the defendant and plaintiff, and the failure happened after the stipulated one year warranty period.
  9. That Robotech Technology re-emphasized it was not liable for any loss of stored data. It also stated that it was the responsibility of the plaintiff to provide contingency plans for any possible losses and not Robotech Technology.
  10. That by reason of the facts and circumstances stated above, the defendant has breached the terms of contract.
  11. That by reason of the facts and circumstances stated above, the plaintiff has been damaged by the defendant, and liable in the sum of $500,000.00, as the erased memories were meant to be willed to the plaintiff’s children and grandchildren.

Wherefore, plaintiff demands judgment against the defendant in the sum of $500,000.00 plus interest accrued from January 23, 3025, as well as costs and disbursements, together with any other relief which the court may find to be just and proper.

Dated this day, September 23, 3025.

Roy Osarenkhoe, Plaintiff
2 Fred Ogbe Street, off Okhoro road,
Benin City, Edo state.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (modified)

Austine Osas
Austine Osas
Austine Osas is a Nigerian writer who was an executive producer of the Kickstarter backed Chronicles of the New Born and co-organizer of the Lagos Comic Con; whose writings have appeared on,, Kalahari Review, AFREADA, 600 Second Saga, Bewildering Stories and Antipodean SF; whose fantasy story "Under the Sun" has been turned to a comic series by Peda Comics based in Nigeria, with partnerships Thompson Reuters and The African Centre (UK). You can catch him trekking the landscape of Lagos and Abuja documenting the lives of everyday people through his lenses. IG - @austine.osas

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