Agboola Abidemi kaothar: A Day Becomes All Days

night sky
Image: Sigg Sebastian on Unsplash


Our hands lock together—the key, thrown into a flowing sea.

We came, when darkness sticks—to feel the warmth of the sky &

We never left even when darkness takes a step backward—

To observe the peaceful face of the sky. A day becomes all days

When we realize the sky regains her beauty, anytime she loses a star.

Our shadows find serenity in deserting the stomach of Day—together

With them—and the moon, we watch the love story of darkness and the sky.

Poem: Agboola Abidemi kaothar
Image: Sigg Sebastian on Unsplash


About the author

Agboola Abidemi kaothar

Agboola Abidemi kaothar, is a young, emerging, Nigerian writer from Osun state. A student of Obafemi Awolowo University, she finds serenity and joy in writing, believes she can make the earth fertile with her ink and be the voice of the voiceless through her writings.

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